About FSF & Its Furry and Non-Furry Owners

Fire Storm Ferrets is a small-scale ferretry run from my home in Columbus, Ohio. I have owned ferrets since 1998. My first ferret was a Mother's Day present from my son and husband. I had done a lot of reading on ferrets and had been begging my husband for a ferret for months; finally he gave in and Bandit (a sable mitt boy) came home with us. I then told my husband that Bandit needed a friend because he was lonely, so six months later Dex (a DEW boy) joined our family. Then one night in a pet store we found a little sable boy who looked like a teddy bear, and we all fell in love. The store was going to ship him back as he was an "uncontrollable biter." So home he went and got the name Teddy Bear, which fits perfectly. He has never bitten anybody since and helps do ferret awareness days in our community.

We then found out about Heart of Ohio Ferret Association and adopted a pair of rescues, Mingus & Mishka, bringing our ferret family to five. After talking to some of the breeders in the group and fostering a litter of kits, I decided to get involved in breeding. Sam was my first hob, a big and beautiful chocolate, and I was only going to have hobs and run a stud service for now and look into getting a jill later, that quickly changed. In September 1999, I attended my first ferret show and became hooked on showing, and got my first jill and second hob. Both dark eyed white and beautiful. The jill, Lady, was gorgeous and it was love at first sight. The hob, PD, was 100% Australian and as sweet and loving as you could ever want. My very next show Lady went and proved that she was as perfect as I thought and won Best in Show Breeder and that's how it all started.

Since that time I have continued showing and breeding. I have added many wonderful ferrets to my ferretry and have had some exceptional kits born. I carefully select which jill will be bred to which hob to produce the best kits. I keep track of lineages and some go back more than ten generations. My son and husband play a big role in the handling and disciplining of the ferrets as I want them to be used to being handled by different people.

My kits are not allowed to leave "home" until they are at least 10 weeks of age and sometimes older. All kits are sold with a spay/neuter contract so I can make sure that they are fixed at the appropriate age. All prospective buyers are carefully screened before I will sell a ferret to them.

I am a member of the American Ferret Associaton as well as being a licensed judge. I am also a member of Heart of Ohio Ferret Association.

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